Chill Magnet in Black and White

Surf Chica Bonita LP Releases June 30, 2017!



"An epic, twelve-song road trip – 
from the desert to the beach."

Electronic dance rock pioneers Chill Magnet kick off the summer with their  first full-length release, Surf Chica Bonita.

With Surf Chica Bonita, Chill Magnet returns to the core two-man lineup of TomTom (lead vocals, guitars and keys) and Randy Banis (lead guitar and producer). “The new record has a surf and summer vibe to it, which was our intent from the start.” says TomTom. Randy adds, “Being that we live and create in a sea of desert sand, we are both intrigued by the ocean, and we set off to build on that.”

Pre-order Surf Chica Bonita now at iTunes or your favorite music store. Listen to the single "Surf Chica Bonita" at Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora or your other favorite streaming service.


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